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My stop smoking program was developed in the United Kingdom by Master Hypnotherapists, in a MasterMind group . It took a collective 20 years to acheive the 95% success rate. Once they acheived that success rate, and had that documented, they brought the program to the US and began training hypnotherapists here in the US. I was one of their very first trainees and I have been very successful with this program since 2004 helping hundreds of people successfully stop smoking. 

This program is well developed and quite brilliant. I think you will agree. When you come in for the Pre-Talk, if you don't agree, then you can get your deposit back and leave. No worries. But if you ever want to come back, you are welcome. Can I make it any easier to decide if this is something you really want to do?

Why people don't stop smoking...

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It worked for me. I am a 72 year old male who smoked since 17 years old. Have been smoke free since my session on 7/6/06.

~ Robert Neff
Riverside, California