Quit Smoking Program for Hemet, CA

If you live in Hemet you can take advantage of my stop smoking program, too! I have helped many Hemet residents quit smoking and I can help you. I am just a short distance away (28 miles) in Murrieta. See my Murrieta, CA location.

The population of Hemet, California in the 2000 Census was 58,812. If the population of Hemet has increased at the national annual rate of .915% that means that the population of Hemet has increased by 5,381 people, bringing the new population of Hemet, California to 64,193. According to the American Heart Association, about 25.2% of the U.S. population smoke cigarettes. That means the estimated number of smokers in Hemet, California is now about 16,305. Many of my clients live in Hemet.

One of my Hemet clients needed to stop smoking cigarettes for medical reasons. So first she went to her local markets and purchased stop smoking products (nicotine replacement products), first gum, then inhalers, then patches (which gave her a rash and heart palpitations). Nothing worked. And these products all had nicotine in them so what was she gaining? Besides, nicotine replacement products have very low success rates. She didn’t know the success rates of these products. She was not the failure but she sure felt like it.

Then she searched online for help and found stop smoking tips but no success then she went to get acupuncture. That worked for a while but the first time she was in a stressful situation, she started again.

She went back online and found smokeless cigarettes but she read on to find out that while there is no smoke, which is good (no carbon monoxide), she would still get the nicotine which is the poison.

When she thought she had run out of options, as a last resort, she went to her doctor in Hemet who gave her a prescription for Chantix but she had nightmares and terrors and had to stop taking it.

Now she was really desperate. Months went by and one day she was talking with a friend, in confidence, about her need to quit smoking. This friend said “Why don’t you try hypnosis? That’s how I quit.” She had never thought of that and was immediately fearful that it would not work for her. Her friend encouraged her to try so she went online and found many hypnotists that said they helped people to quit smoking but none of them guaranteed their program until she found www.MyQuitters.com. She read everything on the website and read that if she listened to the pre-talk but didn’t think it was legit, she could get her deposit back and go home without charge.

She had nothing to lose. So she decided to try it. She is so happy to be one of my quitters that she has referred five of her friends in Hemet and many of them have come in to stop smoking. I’m sure she will continue to refer people to me. I am glad I could help her and I can help you, too. Even if you think you cannot be hypnotized. Come in for the pre-talk. Then decide. What have you got to lose? It’s guaranteed!

It is never too late to quit. Call Today!

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