Case Histories

May 22, 2013

By Sandra Bright

Male, 43 years old, Hemet, Ca, smoked about a pack a day, medical school student who started smoking when he was 16 years old for social reasons, smoked until he was 28 and quit cold turkey. When he was 39 years old he was laid off due to the economy, was stressed and started smoking again. He now realizes his mistake because smoking didn’t help and made his reality even worse.

Treatments he used to try to quit smoking: cold turkey, this time it didn’t work, nicotine gum, nothing happened, patches and still wanted to smoke, lozenges but they didn’t work, e-cigarettes, he said “It’s not the same. They didn’t work for me”.

What made him want to stop smoking? He has developed a chronic cough and congestion and doesn’t breathe well. He wants to be healthy again and be able to breathe better and jog again.

He has a loving wife, 3 grown children and some grandchildren whom he dearly loves. When he smokes he steps outside (by himself when he really wants to be with them) and smokes, knowing that when he steps back inside, he stinks (his words). He says, “I love them and want to spend my life with them. I don’t want to die young. I can almost see my retirement. I have worked hard and I want to enjoy it.”

“People hate the smell, I hate the smell and my wife won’t kiss me after I smoke. That effects our relationship.” he says.

His triggers: I have a drink and I crave a smoke, I stress out and I want a smoke, after a meal, when I wake up, while I’m driving, etc., etc., etc.”

He also didn’t like spending $168.00 per month on cigarettes. With that money, he wants to pay some bills and begin to put more away for the future (retirement, vacation?)

He is happy that he came here to stop smoking. He has agreed to give me his personal testimonial after he has been smoke free for 30 days. I look forward to receiving it. Please check back in.

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